Dos and Don’ts of Leggings


Fall is one of the easiest times of the year to look adorable and be modest. With layers being such a popular style choice, modest isn’t only a smart choice—it’s a cute choice. Scarves, jackets, t-shirt dresses, and perhaps the most treasured, leggings.

Leggings are probably my favorite part of fall style. They’re warm, light, and with the right outfit, adorable.
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Yet it’s very easy to put them with the wrong outfit. It’s easy to use them as a tool to show off our bodies rather than an asset to the outfit we are wearing.

So let’s explore some do’s and don’ts of how to wear leggings! We will start with the DON’TS and then go straight to the DO.

I put in links if you want to buy something similar to what I am talking about!

1. Don’t replace pants with leggings.

Here is the problem with this style of dress: it doesn’t make sense. Seriously, let’s think about it.

They highlight every crack and crevice of your body.

This has two problems. First, if you have any insecurities, about the lower half of your bodies, you will be thinking about whether or not people are noticing. Second, if you love the lower half of your body, you will be thinking about whether or not people are noticing. See the issue? We are concerned about ourselves. Our minds are focusing on how we look.

Do wear long shirts with leggings.

This is one of the cutest style’s in right now! By layering a flowy shirt that covers your bum over a nice pair of leggings, you are not only taking away from the imagination, but you’re following a very popular stylistic choice.

This choice also compliments almost any body type, making it much easier for us to focus on glorifying Christ rather than what other people think about our bodies.


2. Don’t pair patterned leggings with a patterned shirt.

Okay this is primarily a style tip… not much to do with modesty. BUT I made this mistake before and I think everyone deserves to know it’s a bad plan.

Do wear patterned leggings with solid shirts

Again, this is primarily stylish. Just look at the difference. I love this look!

3. Don’t wear worn out leggings

This is SO important. I did this for SO long. I have a few favorite pairs of leggings that I completely wore out, and you can now see through. At that point, its not only immodest, but it is not stylish.

Also, if you are mixing #1 and #3, everyone can really see lots of your body.

Like probably more than you want…

Do invest in a few good pairs of leggings

I know the $3 pair of leggings on the Forever 21 rack are really tempting, but they will only last you one season. Then, you are paying $15 for five different pairs of leggings every year for the rest of your life.

My suggestion is buying a few $15 or $20 pairs over the course of a few years that you can keep forever. For black leggings, work out pants will literally last you forever. I’ve had the same pair for two years that I wear daily, and they look the same as the first time I wore them.