Check your Resolutions

5a5c8013-2a05-4f55-9bcd-2e390af4bea5I go back and forth every year. Some years I am all about the whole resolution thing. I make a list of all the ways I would like to change my life for the better: run a minimum of 15 miles per week, read the whole Bible, Make all A’s.

Other years I am very anti-resolution. I realize how quickly I give up on these things. After the first week I only get to run 10 miles I lax down to running five, and once I hit Leviticus I just stop trying and go back to my comfort verses. Its not that I forgo running for the rest of the year. I don’t neglect to crack open my Bible from that point forward. I just stop motivating myself to do my best. So instead, I completely give up on resolutions. What’s the point?

My resolution creating in the past has been all about me and how I can control my next steps.

When I create resolutions, I am trying to box up what next year will look like. I am trying to control the things I think I can. That way if life doesn’t look like I want it to, at least I will know that I did a bunch of good things. I took care of my body and read my Bible and gave my all in school. That will bring me a degree of happiness that I don’t know whether or not I will have otherwise.

What I am not doing when I create my resolutions is giving over my life to Jesus.

If I could just get out of myself long enough to entrust every aspect of my life to Him, I would never have to give up on a resolution again. So I am resolving that we double check our resolutions; I say that we rid ourselves of our self-glorifying goals and begin seeking to lay our lives in the hands of Jesus.

If I am living my life trusting in Him, I am going to treat my body with respect. I am going to thirst for His word in such a way that Leviticus does not stop me in my tracks. I am going to strive for excellence in the opportunities He has provided. Will I be perfect in all those things? Absolutely not. Will things go the exact way I want them to? Absolutely not. But I will no longer be grasping for control. I will be giving control over to the One who already has it.

You see trusting God and glorifying Him are choices. They are choices that we should make not only yearly, but daily. When we are filled with that hope, Romans 15:13 tells us that “we may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Trust in the LordThat is my resolution this year. This year is going to be a big one. It will be filled with loss and gain. It will be a time where I can either slip or grow; where I can either focus on myself or my Jesus. It will pave the storyboard of the rest of my life and many others. I can either resolve to do a bunch of good little temporary things or resolve to allow Jesus to mold my life daily. Either way I am not promised an easy path. But I do know that if I trust in the Lord with all of my heart and lean not on my own understanding, if in all of my ways I acknowledge Him, He will be the one in control of my path. He will make it straight.


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