I have been earnestly praying over the last few days about how or if I should tackle this subject. So let me first recognize a few things before I begin the post.

  1. I am absolutely praying for Paris.
  2. I do not know how to fix this crisis, nor am I claiming to have any idea how to.
  3. I am not a political genius. My convictions are based on the Bible.

All those things being said, I believe that many Christians are missing a major opportunity, and calling, to fall on our faces before The Lord and cry out in prayer—not only for France but for Syria.

We should pray for Syria because our call is missions.


Go therefore and make disciples of ALL nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And Behold I am with you always to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20


_78746696_5_refugees_turkey_epa_624Jesus doesn’t say, go make disciples of the people who live similar lives as you. He says go make disciples of all nations. That includes Buddhist nations, Atheist nations, Hindu nations, and yes, even Islamic nations. If we are commanded to share the love of Christ with them, why do we have such a hard time with observing that they are people and praying earnestly for their nation?

These are people who are just as sinful in nature as we are. People who do not have the eternal hope that our Christ offers. People who, without Him, deserve the same consequence as we do. The only difference between us is that we have heard.

Many of us have had Christians praying for us since birth that we might understand the truth of the gospel. Christian, if you are not praying the same for those of other nations, please evaluate your love for the spread of the Gospel.

We should pray for Syria because turmoil calls for a greater hope.

This is a graph of the amount who have died in Syria in the past few months. Months. 220,000._81593526_syria_killings_month_20150312_624

We are so terrified about potential turmoil coming to our turf that we neglect to recognize the amount of hardships these people are facing.

A few months ago, some of my family members went to Southern Europe to share the gospel with Syrian refugees. I heard stories of what these people are going through: losing multiple family members, relinquishing jobs, watching children die, and even risking all they have left just to provide for their loved ones. They are facing what we could never imagine facing. And yet we can’t put away our pride to pray that they will find hope in Jesus.

And I’ll go there. If His plan is for some Syrian refugees to come here so that they might hear of that hope, why do we question?

(I am not making a political statement. I am simply questioning our ideologies)

This issue goes so far beyond what our feeble minds can even comprehend. It has eternal weight. WE could be worshiping next to hundreds of new brothers and sisters one day in heaven because of these months we are facing. We do not know His plans, so let’s stop holding on to ours and start trusting His will.

We should pray for Syria because it is our command.


But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:44-45


_78732243_2_man_child_getty_976Bottom line. We are commanded to pray for people. Not only the people we like, but the people we are inclined to dislike.

Over the last few days I have encountered many hateful posts on my facebook feeds from people who claim Christ including, “Mark my word if these foreigners come over here we will be doomed” and “who cares if the Syrians are being killed. They’re Muslim.” and even “I’ll say it, **** the Syrian refugees.”

These are statements from people who claim to have Christ leading their lives!

Friends, our witness is on the line.

I cannot even begin explaining to you the amount of times I have heard the phrase “All the Christians think [insert ignorant thought]”

I KNOW that that is an overstatement. But “Christians” are giving them a reason to assume we all think like this.  We are spewing so much political propaganda all over social media that we are forgetting the heart of our faith. Let’s stop letting these hateful posts define our faith. Let us remind ourselves why we claim Christ.


We deserve the same fate as anyone else! Yet thanks to His grace, we have been provided a way out.


And as a Christian who has received the love that only Christ can bestow, we must remember and inn-act the greatest commands on our lives.


So we should pray for Syria because love is at the heart of our Gospel.

We were rescued from eternal darkness. Let us pray for the people we fear. Let us pray that they will experience the same redemption—not only from earthly turmoil—but from the turmoil Satan brings daily. Let us use this as an opportunity to follow through in our great commission by praying for the salvation of a nation that we love to dismiss.

Let us enhance the witness of Christ by displaying the love that He freely granted us. Let us grant a piece of that love to others just as we have been commanded by our Father.


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